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No BS Eurex Webinar Course from No BS Day Trading shows you the big picture and then a very specific price action movement which produces the actual entries and exits. 

Get 12 Eurex starter videos in No BS Eurex Webinar Course from No BS Day Trading

The Eurex Exchange is Europe’s largest futures and options exchange. It mostly trades derivatives based in Europe. This exchange handles a wide range of trades, from European equities to German financial securities. Products are also exchanged over-the-counter, which permits contract settlement as well as trading. No BS Day Trading offers a U.S. webinar focusing on treasuries and equities indexes, as well as a No BS Eurex Webinar Course focusing on the Bund, Bobl, Euro Stoxx, and Dax.

All of the courses at No BS Day Trading, including the No BS Eurex Webinar Course, were created with the principle of “teach a man to fish rather than giving him a fish.” Some people may find this amount of course information to be daunting; however, you may go at your own speed and do not feel obligated to rush through it. The videos in the No BS Eurex Webinar Course include no filler content. Each video has a function and was designed to progress from essential core principles to advanced topics. The aim is to teach new traders how to obtain a sense of the large picture before showing them a very particular price action movement that triggers the actual entry and exit. A person must first comprehend the background of each event before recognizing why some deals are more likely to succeed.

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No BS Day Trading is an online education firm specializing in providing Day trading fundamentals courses, videos on Order Flow basics, Scalping strategies, and Real trades, Webinars with live trading and education plus an advanced set of instructional videos, etc. All of these products and services are structured to accommodate both new and experienced traders. The resources at No BS Day Trading cover all of the fundamentals of trading off order flow while monitoring market depth, and numerous videos offer genuine trade examples and explanations for each transaction. Meanwhile, the videos on this website explain precisely what you’re seeing on the DOM (depth of market, ladder, order book) and why you should watch them, which is a must for new traders attempting to grasp the fundamentals.

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