Noble Drakoln – Winning the Trading Game

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Author: Noble Drakoln

  • Trading books are a form of accounting ledger that contains records of all tradeable financial assets of a bank.
  • Trading books are subject to gains and losses that affect the financial institution directly.

Winning the Trading Game

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Praise for: Winning the Trading Game

“A wealth of trading industry experience emerges in this work. Noble DraKoln covers the essential areas of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and trading psychology with insight, originality, and refreshing candor. Furthermore, the material is skillfully presented with a view to practical application in the markets. This book will complement every trader’s library from beginner to advanced.”
—Dan Blystone, Senior Analyst,

“Winning the Trading Game by Noble DraKoln encapsulates years of successful trading experience by mixing heartfelt anecdotes with real-world strategies in a literary work guaranteed to provide a deeper understanding for those looking to raise their trading acumen. DraKoln’s book gives traders perspective on everything from what key technical indicators to use to more qualitative aspects, including how to develop a winning mindset. This duality of instruction brings value to readers of every trading pedigree.”
—John Netto, President, One Shot-One Kill Trading, LLC

“Reading Winning the Trading Game is as exciting as attending the lectures given by the author. The name Noble DraKoln is synonymous with that of a remarkable teacher who gives step-by-step direction for both beginner and professional traders. In Winning the Trading Game, Noble DraKoln shares his impressive views on futures and Forex trading with the same wit and style he uses to dazzle the audience during his speeches.”
—André Malpel, trader on futures and technical analysis expert, LIST, Inc., Managing Director and founder, IAT, Inc., Technical Analysis Expo & Paris Trading Show

“Wow! Noble DraKoln has done it again. I would encourage all traders to invest in this book. Noble’s wealth of knowledge and years of trading will benefit traders of any experience.”
—Harry J. Martinez, Director of Product Sales,

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