Nightlypatterns – RSI Blueprint

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Nightlypatterns – RSI Blueprint

$34.00 $361.00

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My name is Marco Simioni. I come from Italy and I was born in 1987, the year of the Big Crash.

I first approached trading when I started studying Economics while in University Ca Foscari in Venice in 2007, just one year before the big subprime crisis.
My academic background provided me the ability to study the market from a mathematical, statistical and econometric perspective, as well a solid foundation in all investment theories from those of H. Markowitz on.

RSI Blueprint

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For all the traders who want to understand what’s behind Nightly Patterns success.

For all the traders who want to develop their own nightly trading methodology.

Here are Nightly Patterns SYSTEMS for sale (you can purcase 1, 2 or all of them).

You are receiving all the patterns rules of this market research, but it is up to traders to code them in the language-code they need for their broker (Easy-Language, Python, …)

(RSI long basic system equity curve)

16 patterns described and backtested (from February 1993 to January 2016) collected together in a single system (long and short) to exploit RSI indicator related patterns:

# 339, 340, 344, 383, 411, 412, 413, 414 of Nightly Patterns Library (long patterns)

# 338, 346, 347, 348, 353, 356, 357, 385, of Nightly Patterns Library (short patterns)