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Messenger Bots For Entrepreneurs

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have permission to Re-sell the Chatbot templates that are included inside the course?

Yes! I want you to be successful right away, so you have my full permission to re-sell all Chatbot templates to your clients same-day.

How do I get my first client?

This is a topic we cover extensively in the course, so you can feel at ease that you will learn everything you need to learn on this subject within the course materials, including how and where to find your first clients, what to say to them and how to convert them into a paying client, all the way to how to deliver the chatbot services and keep them happy! Nico has turned this into a now 7-Figure business and all his resources are inside, so you can have the most frictionless experience possible in your business!

I have a unique type of business, will this work for me?

If you have ANY sort of business with an online presence, you NEED bots working for you in your business! We have helped Agency Owners, Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Speakers, Authors, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, and even Brick And Mortar Businesses increase their bottom line with Chatbots.

Author: Nico Moreno

Nico is a former 9-to-5 Employee, turned Online Entrepreneur who was tired of the grind working for someone else and wasting 50+ hours a week building someone else’s dream. His very first job was unpacking boxes at Nordstrom at 5:00 AM before the store opened.

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