NetPicks – Universal Market Trader Course (6 CDs)


NetPicks – Universal Market Trader Course


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NetPicks – Universal Market Trader Course (6 CDs)

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CD #1: Setup & Getting Started

These videos will get you started quickly. You’ll learn how to set-up your workspace, how to apply your indicators and how to be ready to start using the trading strategy. We’ll show you how to receive and your exclusive confidential custom indicators.

This will be done for four of the major charting platforms available that the strategies can be run from including Tradestation, eSignal, MetaTrader, and NinjaTrader. We hope to add more platforms in the future.

CD #2: Learning the Strategy

This CD is where the magic starts to happen. You’ll be introduced to the Universal Market Trader strategy. We’ll show you each of the major set-ups where you’ll be able to use your custom indicators to determine your exact entry set-ups. You’ll see how we take our three major trades: The Cross-Over, the Re-Entry and the Reversal Trade.

These three trades will enable you to trade across multiple markets and timeframes, and in all types of market conditions. Whether the market is trending, swinging or chopping you’ll follow the road-map the indicators and the rules show you.

Even better, you’ll be learning the strategy that will be used across any market you choose to trade. Whether that is stocks, forex or futures there is nothing new to learn as you change markets.

CD #3: Trading with the UMT

This CD shows you clearly exactly how we manage our trades once we’ve entered a market. You’ll find out exactly where we place our protective stop and how to set our profit target. The strategy is highly adaptive to current market conditions. This is what helps it be so successful. The fact that it reads the current market conditions and fine-tunes your profit targets and stops to match what is happening at that time.

Instead of using “fixed” targets and stops and hoping to force the market to comply you get dynamically set profit projections and stop areas that match perfectly with the current market you are trading. As trading range volatility changes, these will adapt for you. You’ll have a precision exit strategy on every trade.

You’ll learn even more here including steps to take to reduce risk and the finer points of target and stop placement. We’ll even show you how to get back onboard favorable trending moves where you can at times take out profits one, two or three more times before getting a reversal trade to set-up.

CD #4: Mastery Series

The mastery series takes all you’ve learned, your live in the market experience and starts to move you to another level.

Once you are trading live successfully and are ready to take on the nuances and “artform” of trading the UMT, the Mastery Series is the first place you should look.

Though you will be receiving invitations to our ongoing bi-monthly Mastery Series Webinars, we’ve taken the liberty of recording our most recent and engaging Mastery Webinars for to supplement your UMT education.