Netpicks – The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set of Courses


Netpicks - The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set of Courses


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Netpicks – The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set of Courses

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This is what you’ll get with the Ultimate Trading Machine!

DVD-ROM #1: Getting Started & Set-Up

This is where we get you all set up! We’ll start you off with some straight forward training videos on setting up the real-time charting package and data feed of your choice. We will demonstrate the universal settings for most major charting applications and data providers. Once you’ve finished this CD, you’ll be well on your way to having all the tools at your full disposal to begin trading. Time to get excited, your first trades are right around the corner!

Disk 1 contains information on all the choices available to you regarding data, charting and brokers. The videos will walk through the full set-up on the major platforms (such as Tradestation, eSignal, etc…) and these same videos will assist in setting up virtually any third party software.

Learn about the best resources we know of, and take advantage of special deals we’ve negotiated. Watch as we teach you to set up using some automation tools such as NinjaTrader is provided to give you an idea of how you can automate part of the trade management with your broker.

DVD-ROM #2: Learning the Method

This is where you begin to learn the meat of the system. On this CD we jump right in to how The Ultimate Trading Machine all comes together. This training video fully discloses the trading strategy. You quickly learn the exact indicator we use, the timeframes and the trade confirmations. By the time you are done with this disc, you will already be part machine.

Begin to understand what makes the system tick. How to determine your profit target and stop and what makes up the unique and definitive entry signals for the Ultimate Trading Machine.

Learn how we adapt to the markets we trade. What it takes to set-up a buy or a short in both the e-Mini markets and the forex markets. We will reveal it all.

DVD-ROM #3: Russell E-Mini

This CD has several videos that fully disclose the trading strategy for the Russell e-Mini futures markets. You’ll have a complete walkthrough of the set-ups, and then several days of in depth walkthrough as you see the trading method put to work.

Learn our unique “Opening Trade” that has a very high success ratio, as well as the difference between our Conservative and Aggressive trade set-ups.

Here you’ll learn about proper money management techniques. We’ll also talk about setting targets and stops and when to finish for the day.

Here we’ll teach you how to spend as little time as possible at your computer. You’ll come to know how to focus on only the best trading timeframes.

Hit Play for a word from another satisfied Ultimate Trading Machine user!

DVD-ROM #4: S&P E-Mini

This CD will focus exclusively on trading the high volume S&P e-Mini futures. This is the most popular futures contract in terms of volume and the videos will disclose in full how to succeed using the Ultimate Trading Machine in these markets.

Everything from reading the entry signals to taking the proper exits is fully disclosed. The “Opening Trade” and both the Conservative and Aggressive strategies are fully divulged.

Here you will learn about advanced money management. We’ll talk about setting targets and stops and knowing when it’s best to take trades.

DVD-ROM #5: Forex Trading

This module will disclose our forex strategy using the Ultimate Trading Machine. Forget about trying to trade forex at all hours of the day and night. We have taken a 24 hour market and sliced it down to laser like focus on the very best trading times of the day. Many times you can be done in just a few minutes and it’s rare to have to devote more than an hour in a day. Usually 30 minutes or less is all that it is going to take.

We will show you how to use the Ultimate Trading Machine strategy with the major currency pairs such as the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD and USDJPY but not over-trade and run up numerous ineffective trades.


Interviews and Round-Table with Master Traders

You get to hear personally from traders of the e-Mini futures and forex who have been doing this for a profession for many years. You’ll gain a lot from their experiences. The challenges and the successes, and many tips and advice for both new and experienced traders are included.

You’ll even get bonus interviews as a part of this series in your exclusive free membership site that will be included with your purchase so the CD is just the start of what should be many productive sessions with Master Traders.