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The course Multiple Time Frames by Feibel Trading will teach you a technical approach which generates a paradigm change in your trade and increases your profit.

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$46.00 $465.00

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Make more money with the course Multiple Time Frames by Feibel Trading

The training on several time frames provides a far greater advantage than any trading indicator. Ultimately, thorough understanding and application will boost the dealer’s chances of success, regardless of the technique used. Feibel Trading extracts a variety of methods found in the usage of many periods, each of which provides a distinct view on the market’s behavior. Also created and presented was a proprietary semi-regulator-based multiple time-frame approach that made use of inherent filters and was not available elsewhere.

Multiple Time Frames, a course offered by Feibel Trading, presents a paradigm shift in the trader’s approach to the stock market. The availability of a variety of time periods is, therefore, the most significant advancement that professional traders have made possible in the recent past. Designed and constructed using the most up-to-date approaches for professional traders. Traders are highly urged to have high levels of price action abilities in order to obtain the most value from the content. For those who have a basic comprehension of LPA: Logical Price Action – the whole course, this is a great opportunity.


The outline of this course

  • Video 1: Multiple Time Frames
  • Videos 2-3: Case Studies Direction
  • Videos 4-5: Case Studies Structure
  • Videos 6-8: Case Studies HTF Decryption 
  • Videos 9-10: Case Studies Alignment 
  • Videos 11-12: Case Study Live MTF 
  • Video 13, 14, 15 (Bonus): Case Study Live MTF


Introducing the sales page Feibel Trading

Feibel Trading Course Snack
Feibel Trading Course Snack

Feibel Trading was established to use Richard Demille Wyckoff’s methods to prosper in global markets employing counter-strategies, modernization, and simplicity. Disciplined methods are used to build a corporation that will be the world’s biggest private commercial enterprise by 2020. All decisions are made by Feibel Trading, which has ultimate control over the market potential. The company’s innovative training methods are helping to generate a new generation of world-class traders. Product diversity is essential to success and provides retail and institutional clients with exciting new opportunities. So that the firm may strengthen its automated trading business with a concentration on developing a pure alpha approach without correlation, the company is investing heavily in technology.

Feibel Trading demonstrated honesty and openness by using systematic trading strategies that capture the market’s explainable differences. By doing extensive testing, the platform has been able to establish a robust, diversified approach that firmly adheres to the simplicity and purity of the platform. Innovative training methods have been developed by this company to help aspiring traders learn in a more effective manner. Dealers’ ability to learn quickly is critical to their success, which is why cognitive neuroscience has seen significant investment. In order to create a unique, tailor-made, industry-leading education course, Feibel Trading has successfully implemented new breakthrough training techniques.

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