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Multi-Squeeze Indicator for TOS: A powerful assistance in your trading offered by Simpler Trading

The phrase “squeeze” is used to describe a wide range of financial and economic circumstances, most of which involve some form of market pressure. In business, it is a period when financing is expensive or when earnings fall as a result of rising expenses or declining sales. We recognize the value of trading with a Squeeze. Price compression leads to price growth, and as directional options traders, we must seize those chances when they present themselves. Squeeze settings may be seen on various timescales with the Multi-Squeeze. These settings may result in cascades of directional buying or selling, and being able to observe and digest this information extremely rapidly via the Multi-Squeeze Indicator for TOS is one of the strongest signals we trade.

We utilize the Multi-Squeeze to capture the periods in which a stock may be in a Squeeze. The Multi-Squeeze plot is located in the upper left corner of your active chart and automatically searches for Squeeze setups over many periods. Having many Squeezes in action improves the likelihood that a stock will see a price increase when the Squeezes begin to fire. The strongest squeezes occur when a long-term squeeze, such as a weekly or daily squeeze, is supported by shorter-term squeezes, such as the 2-hour and hourly squeezes. The Multi-Squeeze Indicator for TOS illustrates where the market’s chances for fast price increase are at unprecedented speed.

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