MTI – Trend Trader Course (Feb 2014)

$62.97 $4,995.00

MTI - Trend Trader Course (Feb 2014)

$62.97 $4,995.00

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MTI – Trend Trader Course (Feb 2014)

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Find the trend and trade it!

  • Start trading multiple time frames(using simple steps)
  • Find connections across charts to help you trade more and analyze less
  • Get one trading systemand learn to customize it for your currency trades
  • Explore the minds of Jared and Josh as you learntheir trading steps in this course

Product Overview

Want to know how the big bankers and Forex hotshots do it (yes, all of those people who see win after win that somehow feels like it comes straight from your pocket)? They get the big Forex picture. Better yet, they see the little pieces (or winning opportunities) that make up each and every big trading opportunity — and they know how to act.

In MTI’s Trend Traders Course, developed by Josh and Jared Martinez, you’ll get their step-by-step tools into seeing this picture for yourself (and hopefully a bigger and brighter P/L statement). You’ll see how, using the same analysis that you already do, could lead you to find more trading patterns and opportunities that could boost your ability to get your hard-earned pips with just a few steps.

What Will I Learn

  • How to combine the best of both trading worlds (swing and scalping styles) to give you more flexibility and potential with your Forex trades
  • Ways to trade multiple time frames with3 key trading strategies developed by the FX Chief and FX Pathfinder
  • How to apply your equity management using these new tools and style
  • How to protect your trades using purposeful stops and limits usingTrend Trader strategies

What Do I Get

  • Three trading strategies used by theFX Chief™ and FX Pathfinder
  • Online instruction and education from real Forex traders
  • Adetailed manual of instructions, rules and checklists for on-the-go learning
  • A recorded version of the class to review at your convenience
  • One trading system that can be used and customized through your Wealth Acceleration Software Package