Moshe Levy – Microscopic Simulation of Financial Markets


Microscopic Simulation of Financial Markets


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Moshe Levy – Microscopic Simulation of Financial Markets

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Microscopic Simulation (MS) uses a computer to represent and keep track of individual (“microscopic”) elements in order to investigate complex systems which are analytically intractable.

Most models in economics and finance assume that investors are rational. However, experimental studies reveal systematic deviations from rational behavior. How can we determine the effect of investors’ deviations from rational behavior on asset prices and market dynamics? This rounded and judicious introduction to the application of MS in finance and economics reveals that many of the empirically-observed “puzzles” in finance can be explained by investors’ quasi-rationality.

Researchers use the book because it models heterogeneous investors, a group that has proven difficult to model. Being able to predict how people will invest and setting asset prices accordingly is inherently appealing, and the combination of computing power and statistical mechanics in this book makes such modeling possible. Because many finance researchers have backgrounds in physics, the material here is accessible.

Key Features

Emphasizes investor behavior in determining asset prices and market dynamics

Introduces Microscopic Simulation within a simplified framework

Offers ways to model deviations from rational decision-making

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