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Author: Molly Pittman & Ezra Firestone

Molly Pittman & Ezra Firestone:

In 2012, I was working as a bartender and desperately needed a better way to pay my bills.
By 2016, I was raking in six figures as the vice president of DigitalMarketer, a leader in online marketing for companies like Uber and HarperCollins, and I was responsible for a whopping $8 million in paid advertising.
Since then I’ve become a consultant, educator and public speaker, training over 10,000 digital professionals and helping thousands of businesses across the world!
In my new book, I show you everything I learned along the way.

Train My Traffic Person

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World-class advertiser Molly Pittman teaches how to grow and sustain a brand using paid traffic..
This 12-week course is a comprehensive training on how to use Facebook (and other ad platforms) like a rockstar media buyer. Each week contains instructional sessions, Q&A sessions, exercises and worksheets.
Once completed, you will know how to find fresh audiences, protect your budget, and build new campaigns like an ads expert.


Session 6
In this session we will discuss Ad Copy.
Session 7
In this session we will discuss High Converting Ad Creatives.
Session 8
In this session we will discuss Campaign Setup and Launch.
Session 9
In this session we will discuss Dynamic Product Ads.
Session 10
In this session we will discuss Traffic and Analytics.
Session 11
In this session we will discuss Scaling and Optimization.
Session 12
In this session we will discuss Campaign Diversity: Mastering Google Ads.

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