Mitch Harper – Successful Tech Startup in 60 Days

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Author: Mitch Harper

Meet Mitch Harper, co-founder of the $100M a year SaaS, BigCommerce.

As an 8x serial entrepreneur, Mitch has been building tech companies since he was 17.

He’s failed and succeeded at the highest levels. From bootstrapping and selling his own self-funded startups, to raising nearly $220M from some of the most well respected venture capitalists in the world, Mitch has been on all sides of the startup table.

Mitch openly admits that it took him 6 full years to get to his first $1M in sales because there was no playbook to follow or no mentor he could turn to for proven advice. Both time and money were wasted.

Successful Tech Startup

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How did Mitch co-found a company that does over $100,000,000 per year in revenue?

Through his methodical approach of pain validation in a market. Join the waitlist today and we will send you immediate access to this full lesson with Mitch Harper (taken from inside the 60-Day Startup course).

How to Launch & Grow a Successful Tech Product in Record Time

Learn how to build a startup in record time with the

co-founder of BigCommerce (which did $100 million in sales last year) and 7 other tech products in which he’s used this exact launch system.

In This Course,You Will Discover:

– Mitch has been building software companies since he was 17, you’ll learn the exact step-by-step sytem he has used to build companies like BigCommerce into an 9-figure ecommerce powerhouse .

He’s been teaching this framework to his private clients include startups like Airtasker, FollowUpBoss, Biteable, Zookal and more.

– Mitch has invested and advised numerous companies, he also gets pitched tons of ideas. You’ll learn Mitch’s #1 method to validate your product to be successful before you even build the company.

– PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: MVP vs MSP, you’ll effortlessly identify which is right for you, and how to actually get your product built without having to know a single programming code yourself.