Michael Duane Archer – Getting Started in Currency Trading (3rd Ed.)

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Author: Michael Duane Archer

I have been a full-time participant in the markets for 43 years. I’ve acted as a private trader through it all, but also as an SEC registered Investment Advisor, a NFA CTA, a branch manager for Heinold (Honolulu) a researcher and a teacher/mentor.

My ‘go-to’ method of trading Goodman Wave Theory, a trading method taught to me by Charles B. Goodman in the 1970s and early 1980s. The Goodman Method is an holistic, self-contained trading approach built on the core principles of Goodman Wave Theory – Propagation, Nesting and 3-C. It treats the market as a process with the primary component of prices being a 1-2-3. In Goodman, prices ‘propagate into larger and larger 1-2-3s. Rather than 1-2-3-4-5, Goodman teaches a 1-2-3 becomes a ‘1’ to a larger 1-2-3.

Getting Started in Currency Trading

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An accessible introduction to trading currencies

While the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market can be a very profitable place, you must have a firm understanding of how to operate within this environment if you intend on achieving any success.

This reliable resource-written for both newcomers and those with some Forex experience-puts trading world currencies in perspective, and shows you exactly what it takes to make it in this field.

  • Guides you through the process of opening your own account as well as the actual placing and managing of currency orders
  • Offers specific trading strategies and tactics
  • A companion Web site will provide updates on brokers and FOREX services
  • Includes a new chapter on Forex trading platforms
  • The often confusing FOREX calculations reduced to handy computer-side tables