MEM Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy Packet – Mary Ellen McGonagle

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Order the MEM Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy Premium Package now and you will figure out how to read moving average, when to buy a stock, and much more.

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$30.00 $297.00

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Discover when to buy a stock with MEM Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy Premium Package

Moving averages are a common term used by traders when discussing stock analysis. However, their studies show that only a small percentage of traders are really using them appropriately. Mary Ellen McGonagle taped an in-depth session on moving averages since they are so crucial to long-term success. Some of the topics she addresses in this MEM Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy Premium Package include the following: 

  • An easy-to-follow trading strategy that uses moving averages
  • Finding the correct moving average without getting bogged down in all the options is possible.
  • How to choose the best period of time for yourself
  • What are the most important traits to know?
  • How to spot a tradeable trend on practically any chart based on its direction.
  • How to recognize without a doubt the best times to purchase and sell
  • Moving averages are a useful tool for gauging the health of the larger market.
  • Simple moving average trading strategy
  • How to read moving average
  • When to buy a stock
  • How to buy or not to buy a stock on a pullback to support, among many other things.

The components of MEM Simple Moving Average Trading Strategy Premium Package

With the purchase of this course, you will receive a Moving Averages Strategy Class and a MEM Edge Report. 

As quickly as possible, Mary Ellen will teach the fundamentals of moving averages in her class. Even if you’ve never used moving averages before, this course covers all you need to know. In this session, Mary Ellen explains how she employs moving averages on a daily basis to acquire a sense of the market’s short- and long-term trends.

Stocks that have been selected using an established method are highlighted in the MEM Edge Report. You’ll be shown individual firms as well as an explanation of why each company was selected after doing a search for important features in market leading sectors. Each week, you’ll get an educational report with clear entrance and exit points. This study is for you if you think that high-growth companies move higher and quicker than the markets.

Who is Mary Ellen McGonagle and why should you learn from her?

Mary Ellen Mcgonagle Course Snack

Mary Ellen McGonagle, the creator of simple moving average trading strategy, began her career on Wall Street as an assistant on the Fixed Income trading desk at Goldman Sachs at the tender age of 21. She currently holds the position of Senior Managing Director of Equities at Simpler Trading. With so much money being swapped and so much noise, it was an exhilarating experience for the young college graduate. She was certain she had discovered the path that would lead to a brighter future for herself. After Goldman Sachs, she accepted a job with Equitable Life, a well-known Wall Street insurance company. When she was appointed portfolio manager, she had eight accounts with a combined value of $2 billion. Mary Ellen heard about the high-level intelligence that only organizations with a lot of money had access to.

It’s Mary Ellen’s intuition and 20 years of experience as a trusted adviser to the advisors that make her an expert in the field.