Mastertrader – Mastering Swing Trading

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Mastertrader – Mastering Swing Trading

$99.97 $797.00

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You will not become distorted by all the talking heads, fear mongers and endless opinions in the media.

Mastering Swing Trading

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Mastering Swing Trading

  • Swing Trading is an easy way to generate wealth and income.
  • Low Stress easy to follow strategies over days or weeks.
  • Candlestick Bar by Bar analysis that shows the turning points every time.
  • Learn how to use failed patterns as a strategy and to your advantage.
  • You do not have to sit in front of your computer all day.
  • Swing trading can be applied to all stocks – even low-priced stocks.

Mastering Swing Trading Course Outline

1. Foundation of the Master Trader Approach

2. How to Determine the Trend for Swing Trading

3. How to Determine the Where, When and Why

4. Understanding Candlesticks Like a Master Trader

5. Using Basic and Advance Price Patterns

6. How to Use the Master Trader Moving Averages

7. Using Multiple Time Frames Like a Pro

8. Position and Money Management

9. The Top-Down Approach that Defines Where the Money is Going

10. Swing Trading Preparation

11. Swing Trading Set ups Interpenetration and Use

12. The Professional Swing Trader’s Mindset


Unit 1 - Foundation of the Master Trader Approach.mp4 - pCloud

Unit 1 - Foundation of the Master Trader Approach.mp4 - pCloud