Mastertrader – Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads for Income

$76.97 $597.00

Mastertrader - Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads for Income

$76.97 $597.00

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Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads for Income

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Our Approach to Trading Advanced Credit Spreads

It’s a beautiful thing and we’re going to teach you how to do it all!

  • CREDIT SPREADS are an easy way to generate income.
  • The deck is stacked in your favor, TIME DECAY is not on sellers’ side.
  • Margin requirements are low making it great for smaller investors..
  • Even if prices move against you a certain amount, you still win!
  • You do not have to sit in front of your computer all day.
  • Spreads control risk because your maximum risk is pre-defined.


With the help of the Master trader’s course, you can easily become a rich trader and earn the consistent income. The master trader method of trading credit spreads and selling them instead of buying them earns immense advantage for the traders.

Advanced Credit Spreads for Income Approach: Why this Master Trader Course is the Best?

This course offers the best Master Trader strategies that are utilized by options traders to earn big money. You will be able to earn big in a short amount of time and will be taught risk management. How to exit/enter a trade on optimal time.


There are a lot of benefits to this course, some include:

  • Become a rich trader with Master Trader options strategies for consistent income
  • Learn how trading credit spreads works
  • Learn Master trader method for short-term options trading

Pricing and Instructor

Mastertrader – Mastering Advanced Credit Spreads for Income course is a master trader course. It is available for $597 and includes live coaching sessions held monthly for a lifetime. This course is taught by acclaimed options trading specialist Dan Gibby who has expertise in technical analysis.

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