Master Trader Program 2021 – Mark Minervini & David Ryan

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The 5-day superperformance workshop Master Trader Program 2021 by Mark Minervini & David Ryan will teach you everything you need to trade like a professional. 

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$549.00 $4,997.00

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Become a champion with the course Master Trader Program 2021 by Mark Minervini & David Ryan

In the Master Trader Program 2021 workshop, you will learn from two of the country’s most successful stock investors, Mark Minervini and David Ryan, how to employ a tried-and-true trading approach to achieve success and superperformance in your own trade. This program will provide you the tools and training you need to improve your performance and reach new heights. Mark and Daivd will also be preparing for the open, making real-time transactions, and doing stock screenings. If you have ever dreamed of trading alongside two of the world’s greatest traders for a whole day, here is your opportunity.

For 37 years, Mark Minervini studied over 10,000 stock charts to become a good trader, and he adhered to stringent trading techniques that allowed him to progress from beginner to supertrader status. According to him, the utilization of simple bar charts and certain trading concepts is the key to his success in the market. His plan incorporates a stage analysis as well as a technical/fundamental approach. According to Minervini, his trading approach comprises searching for uptrending, strong equities, purchasing the best-performing stocks at 52-week highs, and cutting losses as soon as they occur. He avoids low-quality fisheries and avoids bottom-fishing, which he avoids.

With the Mark Minervini’s Master Trader Program 2021, traders of all levels may learn how to generate money by purchasing certain stocks. Minervini’s techniques, thoughts and insights are made accessible to students over the course of the training session. A trading report card, defining standards for trading position sizes and guidelines for trading and contingency planning are just some of the topics Minervini discussed in this section, along with the climax run and the daily routine as well as the eight keys to great performance.


What awaits you in the Master Trader Program 2021

  • Mark & David’s screening and daily routine
  • Trade management techniques
  • The exact time to buy and sell
  • Position sizing
  • How to read charts with pinpoint accuracy
  • How to find the ebay sock before they make huge price again 
  • Risk management
  • How to analyze fundamentals like the pros
  • And much more. 


Meet your instructor Mark Minervini & David Ryan

About Mark Minervini

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It is widely believed that one of the country’s most skilled stock dealers, Mark Minervini, has been working on Wall Street for 37 years. Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard and Think Like a Champion in the Market are two of his best-selling books. Both Jack Schwager’s Stock Market Wizards and Momentum Masters: A Roundtable Interview with Super-Trading Superstars have interviewed Mark. Mark’s Minervini Private Access site, which educates traders about his SEPA strategy, provides real-time market commentary and in-depth research and analysis. As well as a multi-day course, he offers an online master trader curriculum where students may learn his strategy. For more information on Mark, check out his Twitter account at twitter.com/markminervini.

About David Ryan

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One of the most successful traders in the world, David Ryan is known for his ability to find undervalued companies and has won three US Investing Championships in a row. David Ryan, who was born in 1959, inherited his father’s interest in the market from an early age. His father was in the real estate business, but he bought equities for the college funds of his two sons. During family dinners, Ryan’s father sat down to talk about stock prices and the stock market with his boys. As far back as the 1960s, Ryan’s father invested in Disney and KFC. A confectionery firm that created Bit-O-Honey and candy bars motivated Ryan to acquire 10 shares when he was thirteen. He was a regular reader of the paper and kept tabs on the stock market’s ups and downs. While he didn’t make much money on that specific stock buy, Ryan became intrigued by the phenomenon of why some companies rose and others fell.

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