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Your Automatic Trading Will Take Off After Joining Master The Code and Go Live by Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger delivers one of the most popular online trading courses, Master the Code and Go Live, about how to code trading systems to swiftly activate the automatic trading. The complete walk-through of platforms, scripts and supporting technical tools is combined with the multiple real examples. When trading with automation, you are like the director and screenwriter. A good script can make actors immersed into their characters immediately, which marks the moment your ‘movie’ becomes a blockbuster without your monitoring. Master the Code and Go Live breaks down the process into followable steps so you can apply to your trading right after learning. The infrastructure of automated trading is supported by the insights into the trading market, which are smoothed by some technical tools and indicators, also instructed in Master the Code and Go Live.

The common and popular trading platforms and systems are analyzed, in terms of installation and tips to utilise them. Multicharts, IQFeed, Interactive Brokers, etc. are what you learn in the first modules of Master the Code and Go Live by Andrea Unger. The trading engines’ signals are pointed out in a wide range of illustrations in HL Breakout, Donchian Breakout, EMA Cross, Bollinger, Bias Short Term, etc. The VPS guideline cannot be lacking in such a comprehensive course on automated trading as Master the Code and Go Live, with the instruction of ScriptPrepTool and MC Installation. The live trading sessions shed light on how to turn all the knowledge into real – time adaptation.

About Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger seems to wear different hats, a trainer, a trader, and CEO and even international public speaker. Andrea’s expertise is trading and trading only, which shows the passion that he has put into every of his roles. Unger Academy is where you can find all the essences of Andrea Unger’s knowledge, skills and experience of trading. The consistent popularity of his online courses is the highlight, which underlies the constant applicability of actions provided by Andrea Unger regardless of how fast the market moves.

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