M.V.Velasco – Advanced Courses of Mathematical Analysis II


Advanced Courses of Mathematical Analysis


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M.V.Velasco – Advanced Courses of Mathematical Analysis II

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This volume comprises a collection of articles by leading researchers in mathematical analysis. It provides the reader with an extensive overview of new directions and advances in topics for current and future research in the field.


  • Linearity in Non-Linear Situations (R M Aron)
  • Alexander Grothendieck’s Work on Functional Analysis (F Bombal)
  • The Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Function and Some of Its Variants (J Duoandikoetxea)
  • Linear Dynamics (G Godefroy)
  • Greedy Algorithms and Bases from the Point of View of Banach Space Theory (N J Kalton)
  • On the Hahn-Banach Theorem (L Narici)
  • Spectral Properties of Cesàro-Like Operators (M M Neumann)
  • Tribute to Miguel de Guzmán: Reflections on Mathematical Education Centered on the Mathematical Analysis (B Rubio Segovia)
  • On Certain Spaces of Holomorphic Functions (M Valdivia)
  • Classical Potential Theory and Analytic Capacity (J Verdera)
  • Best Approximations on Small Regions — A General Approach (F Zó & H H Cuenya)

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