Louis Esch – Asset & Risk Management


Louis Esch - Asset & Risk Management


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Louis Esch – Asset & Risk Management

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This book provides a very useful teaching tool suitable for use by both undergraduates and post-graduates, who have chosen to include a financial element in their studies. There are many numbered illustrations and a CD-Rom for practical application.The work is also aimed at professionals working in the market (private or business fund managers or pension managers, market operators and business managers), risk managers and asset and liability managers, auditors and people working generally in the field of risk management.

It is divided into five parts:

  • Sets out the financial and regulatory contexts that explain the rapid development of these three areas during the last few years and shows the ways in which the Risk Management function has developed recently in financial institutions.
  • Dedicated to the underlying theories of Asset Management and deals in depth with evaluation of financial assets and with theories relating to equities, bonds and options.
  • Deals with a central theory of Risk Management, the general theory of Value at Risk or VaR, its estimation techniques and the setting up of the methodology.
  • The point at which Asset Management and Risk Management meet. It deals with Portfolio Risk Management (the application of risk management methods to private asset management).
  • The point at which Risk Management and Asset and Liability Management (ALM) meet, and touches on techniques for measuring structural risks within the on and off balance sheet.

“Esch, Kieffer and Lopez have provided us with a comprehensive and well written treatise on risk. This is a must read, must keep volume for all those who need or aspire to a professional understanding of risk and its management.”

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