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LPA – Logical Price Action: The Complete Course

LPA our flagship education programme; diligently constructed over a period of 2 years by professional traders.

The course has evolved through beta testing from the participation of multiple traders throughout the world, spanning 4 continents. LPA incorporates a diverse range of setups, both bullish and bearish, applicable in various market conditions regardless of sentiment.

Including, but not limited to the following types of strategies: momentum trading, trend trading, pattern trading, market tops, market bottoms, market turns, breakout trading and much more.

LPA – Logical Price Action: The Complete Course

is a fully comprehensive course, developed for new and established traders. The curriculum has been carefully assembled into a straightforward, linear approach, providing a smooth learning curve.

provides a multitude of advantages over other systems. Primarily our methodology can be applied to any asset class or timeframe, enabling flexibility to the trader.

covers much more than the methodology; it includes, but not limited to money management, trade management, trading psychology, tools to optimize trading performance and the importance of a trading plan.

Session 1


Content: 21 videos, 416m runtime


– Support and Resistance- Axis Lines- Trend Lines- Trend Channels- Confluence- Apex- Amalgamation Study

Session 2


Content: 4 videos, 153m runtime


– Bars vs. Candlesticks- Spreads vs. Closes- Context- Shortening of the Thrust

Session 3


Content: 5 videos, 146m runtime

– The Importance of Volume – How to Read Volume – Bar by Bar Studies

Session 4

THE 3 LAWSContent: 19 videos, 242m runtime

– The Law of Supply and Demand – The Law of Cause and Effect – The Law of Effort vs. Result

Session 5

STRENGTHContent: 21 videos, 164m runtime

– Springs- 2 Bar Bottom Reversals- Tests (3 variations)- Shakeouts  (ordinary and terminal)- Breakout Bars

Session 6


Content: 16 videos, 183m runtime

– Upthrusts- 2 Bar Top Reversal- Tests (3 variations)- Breakout Bars- End of Rising Market

Session 7


Content: 15 videos, 205m runtime

– Hidden Upthrusts- Hidden Springs- Key Reversal Bullish- Key Reversal Bearish- Comparative and Relative Analysis

Session 8


Content: 14 videos, 187m runtime

– Disconfirmation and Confirmation- Absorption- Apex- Change of Behaviour- Waves- Momentum- Shell Divers Tragedy

Session 9


Content: 5 videos, 125m runtime

– Multiple Time Frames

Session 10


Content: 5 videos, 186m runtime

– Tying it all Together- How to Construct a Setup- Types of Practice- Trading Plan


Develop mastery in trading

Transparent approach to the trading process  Simplification of the financial markets
Learn an adaptable technique, enabling flexibility  A complete trading strategy
Enhance current skill set Improve trading consistency
Understand how markets move and why
Advanced entry and exit strategies

Increase professional knowledge, adding value  to investors or clients

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