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Author: Lisa Sasevich

A few short years and over $35 million in sales later, Lisa has helped over 15,000 thousand clients in 134 countries earn more by doing what they love most. Lisa’s company, The Invisible Close™, has been honored in the Inc. 500 and named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing privately held companies two years in a row.

Her mission: To teach entrepreneurs who “hate the sales part” how to leverage their talents, products, and services into massive profits without sounding salesy.

Speak to Sell Masters

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ALL of these masters used my Speak-To-Sell Formula to get on the stage, give amazing value AND gross $20,000 to $200,000 sharing their expertise!

How do I know this? Because all but one were on MY stage (and as ALL my events are $7-figure events, these speakers are a key part of my success).

Plus, as the Queen of Sales Conversion, I know a little something about converting on stage and on teleclasses in an authentic and non-sales-y way – which is what my Speak-To-Sell Formula is all about.

As you can see, these Masters cover the gamut of business messages. For instance:

. Do you sell a “soft” topic (i.e. you don’t sell “how to make money” products or services)? We’ve got you covered with JJ (health) and Tim (discovering your life’s purpose).

. Is your topic difficult to explain, very scientific (or maybe even a bit boring)? Check out John (brain research) or Michele (market research).order forms

. And what about putting a different spin on marketing or sales? Watch how Ari (sales), Mike (online traffic), Suzanne (branding), Lisa C (marketing), Ciara (events) and of course, me structure our talks.

So you can see for yourself EXACTLY how to tailor your talk to your specific message while giving FABULOUS content and STILL being paid handsomely!

(And best yet – ALL of these 10 talks WILL teach YOU a little something too! After all, they’re based on my Speak-To-Sell Formula which is all about the content!)

This is great Lisa – so how will it work?

Once you invest, you’ll be sent a thumb drive will all 10 talks and all 10 order forms. I suggest you set aside time to watch each talk a few times. The first time you’re probably going to get caught up in the talk itself and all the fabulous content from each speaker.

lisa sasevichThe second and third time you watch, you can start to dissect what each speaker did and how you can apply it to your talk. Are there things you really liked? Are there things you feel could be done differently?

You may find you want to “mix and match” – take what you love from all the different speakers and put it all together to create your own kick-butt presentation!

Another way you’ll probably want to use these talks is for inspiration before you get on stage or on a teleclass. I know I do that a lot – listen to other successful speakers to get myself pumped up before I get on stage. It’s a great way to get the energy flowing and create that back-of-the-room rush!

In addition, you’ll want to take some time to walk through each order form – again take the time to see what you like and don’t like, so when you create your own form not only will you love it but you’ll get BIG results!