Linda Raschke – Ticker Tape Reading Technique

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Author: Linda Raschke

Linda discusses five choice trading patterns she uses. Based on a logical set of market principles, these five patterns work equally well in equity and commodity markets. Understanding these enduring market setups provides you with a solid foundation for trading technically. They simplify analysis for the beginner and give the aggressive trader added confidence. Linda has used these patterns as the core of her intermediate-term analysis but they work well on any timeframe.

Ticker Tape Reading Technique

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“Many traders overwhelm themselves with vast amounts of studies that cloud their perception. We are not concerned with creating certainties in the market, because the market is too random to believe that we can achieve certainty. We are concerned with putting probabilities on our side. Remember that there is no Holy Grail for trading. But there is a window of truth into the market, and our tape reading principles can allow this window to be wide open for your domination of the trading arena.”

Techniques of Tape Reading

Before the Internet, onscreen trading, or even television screens, traders followed markets by watching actual trades emerge from ticker tape machines. These tapes revealed where the market had been and which direction it was moving, and allowed traders who understood market movements to concentrate on the realities of the markets, discern their own patterns, and increase their opportunities for winning trades.

Techniques of Tape Reading breaks through all of today’s hype, rumors, and disinformation to concentrate on similar techniques for trading the reality of the markets. But where yesterday’s tape readers could make decisions based only on static stock movements, this proactive book reveals how modern traders can integrate time-honored tape-reading techniques with modern technologies and techniques to:

  • Determine how the smart money is trading, and follow their lead to profit from “the herd”
  • Employ advanced yet easy-to-implement timing strategies to select more profitable entry and exit points
  • Know when a price movement has been exhausted–and your position should be liquidated
  • Make trading more orderly and profitable by selling partial positions into price/volume spikes
  • Build and play more accurate and profitable set-ups

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