Lazyeminitrader – Lazy Emini Trader

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Lazyeminitrader - Lazy Emini Trader

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Lazyeminitrader – Lazy Emini Trader

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You see, I’m both proud and fortunate to credit my own mentors, including Larry Pesavento and others, for teaching and inspiring me throughout my early trading endeavours. But here’s the point, and what all this means to you, the aspiring trader: When you select a mentor or trading coach, you give that person your trust, not to mention your hard-earned dollars, so more than just investing in yourself and your trading, you’re investing in that person, too.
That’s why, if you’ve come this far, and are in any way considering joining the Lazy Trader movement, you deserve to know the person behind it as well. So with that, I’m Rob Colville, aka “The Lazy Trader,” and before we get to work crafting your own trading success story, I’d like for you to know mine…
I Was a Struggling Trader Once, too

Who Is The Lazy Trader?

While I may be a professional trader and educator now, I was—and still am, in fact—just an ordinary fellow. I’m not some prodigy or super genius; I’m not a forex “guru,” or even an avid market technician or investor. Actually, I was a journalist by trade, and the only way I’m any different from any of you is that I have several more years of trading experience under my belt…about a dozen, to be exact. But take it from me, not all of them were good years!
I struggled mightily early on, just as I suspect some of you may be right now. I was misguided, undisciplined, and unsure of what I was doing.
But what was even worse is that I wasn’t really enjoying the trading experience. You see, I was spending countless hours each day pouring over charts, exploring trades across practically every market and time frame, and diving in and out of the market intraday. It was so time-consuming and hectic that it felt like a high-pressure, high-stress job…and one that didn’t pay very well, either.
How I Went from a Struggling Newbie to a Successful Trader
Who Is The Lazy Trader?Clearly, getting started on a path to profitable trading isn’t as easy as some might lead you to believe. But I don’t share the story of my own struggles to scare you; I just want you to know that I understand what you might be going through, because I was a struggling trader once, too. Everything changed for me, though, when I decided to adopt what would later become the Lazy Trader methodology.

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