Larry Williams – Accumulation and Distribution (Audio 83 MB)_ON DVD39_

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Author: Larry Williams

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Accumulation and Distribution (Audio 83 MB)_ON DVD39_

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On the Chart #1 blow you may see a detailed illustration of a situation when you may witness a negative divergence between price and Accumulation Distribution indicator – when price makes a new high and WAD fails to make a new high. Mathematically, according to the Accumulation/Distribution calculations, this situation is possible when:

  • after price up-move when price was making new highs, we have a modest correction.
  • within this correction we had negative bars (bar’s close below pervious close) and these negative bars had strong positive opening (bar’s open above previous close)
  • then we had strong recovery which makes a new high.

Now, when we look for a negative price/WAD divergence, we may say that we are looking for a correction after up move with specific price behavior: when we have strong positive opening (above previous close) and then decline which lead to negative trading (close before previous close). This suggests that despite positive opening we have steady and strong bearish (selling) pressure which moves price down resulting in negative trading. Because of the strong positive opening, despite strong bearish pressure we have only a shallow correction. If during this shallow correction, we have strong spike of Bullish pressure we may have new high in price and Accumulation distribution will fail to make a new high.

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