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The book Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies by Larry Connors gives you a number of new strategies and concepts that considerably assist you in your trades.

Introducing Larry Connors’s book: Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies

The book Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies is a compilation of two years of Larry Connors’ monthly newsletter. He has taken the best strategies and updated them for you as well as added new strategies, concepts, and thoughts to hopefully bring the research to a new level. The majority of the strategies presented were originally created by Larry’s research firm. 

Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies book consists of 7 sections with 31 chapters in total.

  • Section 1: S&P and Stock Market Timing. 

The very first section of Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies is all about the Connors VIX Reversal I, II, and III, TRIN Thrusts, and the Percent Advance/Decline Indicator.

  • Section 2: Volatility. 

In this part, Larry Connors introduces the way to modify trade size and stop placement based on volatility measurement as well as additional volatility research.

  • Section 3: New Patterns. 

This is the easiest part to understand in the Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies book, which includes simple chart patterns that provide an edge when trig-gered. The new patterns introduced in this section are the “8-Day High/Low Reversal Method”, the “Spent Market Trading Pattern”, and “1-2-3-4” pattern, all of which also combine good money management tech-niques by using tight protective stops.

  • Section 4: Equity Trading. 

The fourth section of Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies book by Larry Connors covers trading equities for very short-term traders who want to be in and out of a stock within a day or so. A couple of these strategies relate closely to other chapters and should be fairly simple to master. 

  • Section 5: Options Strategies

In this part, Larry Conners discusses several options strategies including trading volatility with options, trading options with the Connors VIX Reversal, options on stock splits, and exploiting overpriced stock sector options.

  • Section 6: Day Trading

By the end of this section, you will learn Larry Connors’s day trading strategy “15-Minute ADX Breakout Method”, which is created for very aggressive traders who are willing to take larger than normal risk in hopes of achieving larger than normal gains. “10% Oops” strategy, a derivative of the 80-20’s straegy, is also provided, followed by the Reversals off the Morning Call strategy used to profit from extreme overreactions off the opening.

  • Section 7: More Advanced Trading Strategies and Concepts

The last section of the book Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies covers a mixture of strategies, which reveal how to identify and enter strongly trending markets. 

The majority of readers will end this book and remind themselves that they now have 30 or more additional trading strategies. This is appropriate, and it is the primary reason they purchased the book. A select few, on the other hand, can look further and recognize that economies have underlying characteristics. They will continue to exchange methodologies that better use these features in the future. Congratulations if you are a member of this exclusive group. We have a high suspicion that you will become a much stronger dealer than others. 

Getting to know the Author: Larry Connors

Larry Connors
Larry Connors

Laurence A. Connors is the Manager of The Connors Group and the Connors Research LLC, a capital markets research company, which have twice been named as one of the top ten fastest-growing private companies by the Entrex Private Company Index.

Mr. Connors has over 39 years of experience in the capital services sector and is highly recognized as one of the industry’s top educators. He has written more than seven books on equity strategy and volatility trading. Over the last three decades, Mr. Connors has also been a featured speaker at a host of global investment conferences.

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