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Author: Ken Wolff

Ken Wolff is the founder, president, and head trader of, the first online instructional chatroom service for day traders. He authored the popular online workbook Momentum Investing and is coauthor of the CD-ROM course Mtrader Interactive Day Trading.

Trading on Momentum

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The NASDAQ has reached a record 60 new highs in 1999, closing above the 4000 milestone.

This record was the icing on the cake to a year of volatile victories for the NASDAQ, which experienced the largest one-year gain ever for a major market index. Momentum has never been more important. For example, the first day of tradingin 2000 saw the NASDAQ dropping close to 100 points before finishing the day with a significant gain, yet on the second day of trading, the NASDAQ experienced its worst point drop in history.

From the Back Cover

High-Powered Strategies for Understanding­­and Profiting from­­Predictable Rules of Market Momentum

Momentum traders know when the market is changing, determine what attributes are changing and why, then instantly adapt their methods to take advantage of those changes. Whatever your style or trading experience, you can use these low-risk, high-percentage techniques and strategies to:

  • Determine market dynamics by tracking movement throughout the trading day
  • Confidently identify­­and act on­­short-term market tops and bottoms
  • Master momentum techniques including gainers, dumpers, and gap plays

“Professional momentum traders exploit patterns that tend to repeat themselves over and over again. The ability to recognize the root causes and the indicators signaling that a pattern is about to repeat itself enables a successful momentum trader to enter a trade just as the momentum is starting and exit, sometimes just minutes or seconds later, as the momentum slows and turns. By riding waves of continuous momentum, it creates opportunity for tremendous gains not available to investors or long-term traders.”