Ken Stern – To Hell & Back

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Author: Ken Stern

Ken Stern — Ken Stern is a self-employed financial analyst, bestselling author, newspaper columnist, and popular lecturer. Stern frequents such national media avenues as The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, and The View. In addition, he is the financial editor for Fox TV and the host of his own radio show. Stern holds a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation from the College of Financial Planning, Denver, and sits on the board of several corporations.

To Hell & Back

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Hug the bear and take the bull by the horns. Come out ahead in any market.

Investors are more worried than ever about where to invest their money. Investment expert Ken Stern’s new book To Hell and Back offers smart strategies for investing in any type of market. Stern experienced the roller coaster of Wall Street firsthand, at first getting caught up in the frenzy surrounding tech stocks before returning to the fundamental strategies. He still believes the stock market holds unlimited opportunity.

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One of the first titles to arise from the ashes of the stock market, CFP-financial analyst Stern’s book is based on personal experience. He boils down the fundamentals of investing into nuggets of easy-to-grasp information. One example is a simple yet thorough explanation of the economy and the business cycle, along with key indicators. Another is his stock-picking tips, from comparisons (the right way) to classic mistakes. Yet another is information on spotting the trends, accompanied by checklists and a few stellar recommendations. He’s quick to add two caveats: he advocates disciplined investing (e.g., review holdings once a month), and he insists that no one individual, no one company, can predict with 100 percent accuracy the inevitability of a recession or business contraction.