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Author: Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix is what many consider an internet marketing “legend”, with over 15 years of online marketing experience under his belt. He has been the top vendor for ClickBank among many other prominent affiliate networks & programs. Kelly Felix revolutionized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and created an online icon called The Rich Jerk. Through his company The Rich Jerk, Kelly taught some of the most advanced online marketing techniques that are still held in high esteem to this day.


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How I Scaled an Info-Product Business from Zero to $50 Million, and Got Acquired

My name is Kelly Felix…Not long ago, I wrote a simple little 19 page guide about how I fixed my bad credit, using freely available information.

I sold it for $19.95… and for a while I didn’t make much money with it… and there weren’t a ton of customers…But those who did join were seeing some pretty amazing results.

Because it turns out that I’m fairly good at organizing information in a way that makes it very easy for people to understand and replicate my success.In fact, many folks were going from 400 & 500 credit scores, up to 700 & 800 within a few months, or even just a few weeks.

I would get heartfelt messages from people who turned their financial lives around, using my simple tips & tricks…Like Brian Murray (below), who didn’t know what he and his family were going to do…

What’s Included…

Part 1

A 10 video series covering EXACTLY how I created and ultimately scaled “Credit Secrets” to $50 million, starting with just a 19 page ebook. All of the good decisions, but more importantly all of the mistakes and critical lessons learned.

This was our winning infomercial…

Part 2

Ongoing Weekly Videos detailing every aspect of me creating 3 new products, 3 new websites, sales funnels and even infomercials, all from scratch.

Follow along in real-time.

Fast Action Bonuses:

Warning: These Bonuses Will Expire in… 

Bonus #1

We spent $19k for a private day with Dan Kennedy at his home. He gave us all of his recommendations, including the areas where we were missing out on additional revenue streams. You’ll see why Dan was worth every penny.

Bonus #2

During our run on TV, I had the great fortune of meeting a numbers savant. He is the premiere media buyer and data analyst in the world. In fact, he’s the guy behind the infamous “Shake Weight” product that dominated TV for years.

Bonus #3

The In-Law Method…

I call it that because my wife’s parents have made a very comfortable living doing something that ANYONE can do. It involves Craigslist, Etsy, and driving to a few local places near you. They do this pretty much daily for an hour or two, and have for 10+ years. It put their kids through college.

Bonus #4

Got a question about why I did something a certain way?

Want to know why something worked or why something didn’t?

Have an idea you’d like to share that I may not have thought of?

I’ll be doing AMA videos where I answer your most pressing questions. So don’t be shy – send your question through the member portal and I’ll answer it live.

Bonus #5

Skip the BS and use the same people I use for all of my marketing related projects.

No more searching UpWork or trying to get referrals.

I open up my rolodex to give you access to the BEST people I use for:

– Video Creation

– Copywriting

– Graphics/Web Design