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Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship by Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com guides the candle charts’ technical analysis to project the next market trends 


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$89.00 $895.00

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Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship By Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com

Decoding the formation and changes of the trading market trends is the key to unlocking the consistency of trading profits. Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship by Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com walks you through one of the best techniques, reading candle charts, to gain insights into the trading market and accurately project the upcoming trends and movements. 

Which Skills Would You Improve After Taking The Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship By Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com?

  • How to decode the upcoming market trends and movements through the application of STRICT definitions about valid candle lines and patterns. 
  • Better understanding of how Steve Nison applies to candle chart techniques. 
  • How to decipher the messages of candle lines and patterns for insights into the next market moves. 
  • How to gain insights into trend progression, and determine its upcoming trends, as well as the core concepts about how the are formed and changed. 
  • Illuminating insights into the support and resistance levels for the mastery of high and low probability in the trading market. 
  • How to decode the Polarity Principle and how to spot price targets. 
  • How to combine candle chart reading techniques with western technical analysis, so that you can gain access to the ultimate power of how to see through the trading market. 
  • How moving averages can help you identify the changes and reversals of market trends, support and resistance levels, and so on. 
  • How to apply Fibonacci retracements and extensions, Stochastic, RSI, MACD, candle confirmation, and the Bollinger Bands and ADX, etc. to your trading. 
  • How to master Trade Entry Techniques to get the optimal timing of market entries/exits as well as trade starts/stops to gain optimal risk/reward ratios. 
  • How to manage your trades in terms of risk management and profit earnings amid the highly volatile trading market. 
  • And so much more!

The Bonuses That You Will Get Access To When Taking The Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship By Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com?

  • Daily and Weekly Market Recaps – equity indexes, equity/commodity/bond futures, FOREX
  • Daily Morning Trade Setup
  • Daily Chart of the Day
  • Weekly Options Outlook and FOREX Focus Session
  • Bi-weekly Trading Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly Chart Challenge
  • Candle pattern and Western Technical glossaries
  • Plus so much more!

About Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com

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Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com stands out among other trading educational platforms when focusing on technical analysis and its contribution to stable winning of trading. 

The techniques instructed in the courses and training programs of this platform are how to read candle charts and how to combine them with western methods of technical analysis to have better understanding of the trading market.

There are many professional traders who take part in the programs of Steve Nison.  Syl Desaulniers and Brian Houston are two Nison Certified Trainers. They have decades of trading experiences in the stock, options, and so on trading markets. They are the instructors of the Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship, with the blending of theories and practices. 

For further information about Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship by Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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