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Seeds of Wealth

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About Seeds of Wealth


Just finished reading this book written in 2005, consequently references to certain mutual funds, etc. were based on that timeframe. The premise of this book makes sense however yields and markets have changed significantly compounded by Federal Reserves QE. It would be difficult to obtain the yields outlined in projections today plus significant gifts from family and friends also becomes a part of invested monies – that may be feasible in wealthy families however for those less fortunate, probably not likely. Actual investments also handled by a parent which forces them to do research etc. which they may not be comfortable doing. Information also on loaded and non-loaded funds and fees involved in making stock or EFT trades – all of which will affect ultimate yields.
Gave this book to each of our children in hopes they would at least read it and perhaps apply some of these principals to start investing for our grandchildren…not sure any of them did…or will!!

Author: Justin Ford

Porter and Aaron host real estate expert Justin Ford Listen in as Porter talks with his longtime friend and the person who has made Porter more money by huge margins than anyone else, Justin Ford. Join in as two great friends talk about hard work, what it takes to succeed, and how Justin “chose himself” and made it really big in real estate.

Justin’s putting together a fantastic new course on real estate investing. Porter asks him to give some of his best advice. Boy, does he come through. He explains his system he’s dubbed “the C.A.P. Strategy.” Learn this and you’ll be a huge success, and understand what it takes to make 15%-25% per year to infinitum.

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