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Author: Jon Penberthy

Jon Penberthy is a marketer with over 10 years of experience under his belt. To be more precise, he is widely recognized for affiliate marketing and having mastered the steps to leads generation.

Tube Ads Academy 2019

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Have you recently started an online business? Are you struggling to gain more traction? Advertising a business online will initially require a lot of time, effort, and patience. Why? It turns out that further education on ad services, platforms with heavy traffic, and strategies that keep everyone coming back need to be analyzed and implemented. Once things are up and running, the rest might naturally fall in place. Nevertheless, the deciding factor depends on the overall foundation.
Recently, an approach to building a strong foundation for just about any business was introduced in the form of a free training called “ Tube Ads Academy.” The main star of this webinar is none other than YouTube as an advertisement platform. Not sure whether this is suitable for your business? Well, no one can really say until having listened in on what marketing expert Jon Penberthy has to share! With that in mind, below is a summary of everything there is to know regarding his latest instructive training session:

What is the Tube Ads Academy Webinar?

The Tube Ads Academy Webinar is a free, virtual course hosted by  Jon Penberthy. This training aims to unveil the overall effectiveness of YouTube Ads and serve as an additional outlet to generate more clients. What makes this free training unique is that Jon actually claims to have put a lot of time testing through the different options available on YouTube.
Experience aside, there has been a lot of anticipation for the Tube Ads Academy Webinar because of Jon’s history as a marketing educator. Having said all that, everyone must understand what the learning opportunity at hand entails and what this free event will not be granted. Hence, let’s dive right into the training’s structure.

How is the Tube Ads Academy Webinar structured?

The first part addresses the possible reasons why people might be ignoring or are usually hesitant when it comes to using YouTube as a leads-generating platform.
Following suit, individuals will learn more about the platform’s features and how its  advanced targeting system  can be implemented so that more customers are attracted and become conversions in the process. Then, Jon will go over the power a simple video ad can have in potentially clearing out competitors, while also tempting customers. Finally, individuals will acquire sufficient knowledge on how a small budget for ad campaigns can go a long way.
As far as Tube Ads go, this appears to be the first time Jon is offering such training. Above all, he witnessed what it was able to do for him firsthand. In fact, he claims to have invested over $50,000 into YouTube Ads to prove how simple, convenient, and effective the platform can be for just about anyone.

Final Thoughts

 Meanwhile, others shifted their businesses online. Training like that of Tube Ads Academy can be useful in the latter case, where it sometimes isn’t so clear as to how leads can be generated.