Joe Dinapoli – Day & Position Trading Using DiNapoli Levels


Joe Dinapoli – Day & Position Trading Using DiNapoli Levels


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Joe Dinapoli – Day & Position Trading Using DiNapoli Levels

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Day and Position Trading Seminar Using DiNapoli Levels 

You’ll learn the most effective ways to apply Fibonacci ratios to the price axis. You’ll discover how to mix leading and lagging indicators for a high-accuracy, low-risk trading approach.

Indispensable for day trading — Incredibly effective for position trading (Stocks, Futures, Forex)

* Pinpoint your Entry

* Stop placement and Profit objectives ahead of market action

You’ll find out how to enter strong running market moves “safely” and where to place your stops for maximum protection and minimum exposure, learn how to calculate pre-defined profit objective points and how to employ the three-period moneymanagement rule to maximize profit and minimize heartache.

You’ll understand the proper, practical, application of Fibonacci ratios to the price axis and you will have access to a trading style with the capacity to produce an incredibly high percentage of winning trade

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