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Author: Jenna Soard

The Course Launcher In 2016 Jenna launched her second signature course “The Course Launcher” which was her biggest success. The very first launch brought in $127,000 in revenues. Her method of teaching online courses had 67% of her students launch their very first course within 3 weeks of signing up.The Course Launcher — You Can Brand! create and launch a course in 30 days! with 100 beta testers, even if you don’t have an email list! Register for the FREE Master Class

The Course Launcher

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The Course Launcher is so step-by-step, it’s fail-proof.

  • GET THE MONEY MINDSET NEEDED TO GROW to breakthrough your comfort zone of making MONTHLY what you might be making YEARLY right now
  • VERIFY & VALIDATE THAT YOUR COURSE TOPIC WILL SELL Get 100 beta testers with ads within 72 hours OR use organic strategies to get testers for FREE!
  • CREATE A COURSE OUTLINE THAT IS “RESULTS-ORIENTED” for huge results from your students, course completion rates through the roof
  • CREATE A UNIQUE METHOD THAT GETS YOU TO STAND OUT amongst other people in your industry! This is one part “competitive advantage” one part “unique selling proposition”, one part “Blue Ocean Strategy” another part based on Eugene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising on “Product Mechanism” This is the thing you will become KNOWN for and it will eliminate competition.
  • GET YOUR COURSE INTO THE HANDS OF 22,000+ BETA TESTERS from Jenna promoting you to her email list that will actually do the work! (For Pay-in-Full Launchers Only)
  • STRUCTURE YOUR CLASSROOM IN THE EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE so tech troubles or confusion don’t get in the way of them taking your course, of course
  • SETUP YOUR EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM QUICKLY so everything goes smooth as silk
  • USE OUR TEMPLATES TO SAVE TIME instead of agonizing over the right things to say
  • EASILY FIND 100 BETA TESTERS TO TAKE YOUR COURSE from Facebook & Instagram ads AND Organic FREE Strategies (No email list required)
  • USE THE COMPLETE LAUNCH CHECKLIST to iron out the kink and ensure you’re ready to LAUNCH
  • COLLECT PRICELESS FEEDBACK THROUGHOUT THE COURSE (and where you’re already knocking it out of the park)
  • ROCK OUT YOUR COACHING OFFICE HOURS CONFIDENTLY so that your students make it rain profits by the end of the test
  • DISCOVER TECHNIQUES TO ENGAGE IN YOUR COURSE FB GROUP so that engagement and excitement shoots through the ROOF (and straight into the stars)
  • BADASS ONBOARDING TEMPLATES: and rest assured that you’re always making a stellar first impression
  • 2x WEEK LASER COACHING WITH JENNA ABOUT TECH SNAFUS + YOUR COACHING SKILLS  so you always have encouragement, understanding, and advice, all at the click of your mouse
  • UNVEIL WHAT REALLY GETS YOUR STUDENTS RESULTS so that your offer basically sells itself (since you already got them results!)
  • GET YOUR STUDENTS EXCITED TO GIVE YOU VALUABLE TESTIMONIALSfor your sales pages, and paid advertising that converts like gangbusters
  • CREATE AN OFFER THAT YOUR BETA-TESTERS ARE BEGGING FOR BY THE END OF YOUR BETA with Jenna’s Beta-For-Life Offer Method that generally leads to 10%+ conversions! Many students have made $3,000-$48,000 with 100-400 beta testers with no previous email list