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Author: Jeff

Welcome to FX MindShift
Our mission is to train and produce consistently profitable traders all around the globe.

We operate as a full support mentorship, and our success comes from helping you achieve what you want from trading:

Extra Income?

A better lifestyle for you and your family?

Become a professional trader?

FX MindShift

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Module I – Foundation|$499

What’s included?

10 videos


Intro to the Market Maker Cycle .mp4

Trade Setups & Entry Triggers.mp4

Trade Setups – June 25th 2018.mp4

How to Identify the Levels.mp4

How to Mark the Levels.mp4

Trends , Resets & Peaks.mp4

Fake Outs.mp4

EUR/USD Analysis.mp4

How to Trade the M&W Patterns.mp4

Trading the Edge.mp4

Module II – Signature Trades|$499

What’s included?

8 videos


50 EMA Bounce.mp4

M&W 200 EMA Bounce.mp4

Advanced M&W.mp4

Review Session 1.mp4

Traders Dynamic Index (TDI).mp4

London Patterns.mp4

Half A Batman.mp4

Review Session 2.mp4

Module III – Peak Formation Trades|$499

What’s included?

8 videos


Asian Range Bounce.mp4

Peak Formations.mp4

Safety Trade.mp4

Reset Safety.mp4

Review Session 3.mp4

12 & 22 Setups.mp4

21 Setup.mp4

Flashcards & Checklist.mp4

Module IV – Day Trading to Short Term Swing Trades|$499

What’s included?

6 videos


Determining Higher Timeframe Bias.mp4

Implementing the Daily Bias.mp4

Higher Timeframe Trading (HTF) – Zone Flips.mp4