Jay Abraham – Super Seminar 2013 [15 DVDs (MP4) + Workbook & PowerPoint (PDF)]

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Author: Jay Abraham

Abraham is the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, which provides business consulting focusing on direct response marketing. His clients have ranged from small entrepreneurial organizations to international corporations. His services include providing corporate executives with growth strategies. In his role as a business and marketing consultant, Abraham has assisted over 10,000 companies from over 400 different industries on a global basis. He has written books which address economic strategies, following the early 1990s recession and the recession of 2008. He is also a direct response copywriter.

Super Seminar 2013 [15 DVDs (MP4) + Workbook & PowerPoint (PDF)]

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Now, you may be wondering if Jay Abraham can be and do all that I have described for you. Can he help YOU in your business? After all, your business is “different”, right? So how can Jay Abraham help you when so many others have either failed or generated mediocre improvements at best (and most of those very not long lasting)?

Now Jay is quick to remind everyone that the road to greatness is littered with dead businesses, mediocre marketers, tactically-minded people who would not apply what they learned. They seem to keep making the wrong moves, the wrong ways, and the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Hype is easy, results less so. I know I have been burned in the past. You are right to be wary.

So, let me tell you a little more about Jay Abraham if you feel you need it to put your mind at ease. I have studied Jay Abraham on and off for two decades. I wish I always could say on, but I have been guilty of allowing myself to be distracted at times from what was really important as an entrepreneur. But when I have the chance to hire Jay as a coach, I jumped on it.

If so, you know how valuable and powerful his material can be. And you can bet that his material was often quite expensive and was never, ever to be found in the “remainder bin”

Get: Jay Abraham – Super Seminar 2013 [15 DVDs (MP4) + Workbook & PowerPoint (PDF)]