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Author: Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is called the “100 Million Dollar webinar man” for good reason: the webinars he has created, produced, and consulted on have broken the nine-figure mark in revenue.
Through his company, Rapid Crush, Inc., Jason has pioneered many of the best marketing practices you see used on the web today. As a client put it: “Jason makes millionaires.”

Genius Webinars

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Jason Fladlien – Genius Webinars:


Bonus #1:

Immediate Webinar Profits


Want to get the quickest results possible with your webinars?


This video training and supplemental PDF will walk you through step-by-step how to do just that.


Bonus #2:

Ultimate Webinar Funnel


You’ll get a fill-in-the-blank template that covers the webinar registration page, the thank you page, the order form and more.


Not only is it designed to covert, it will contain the right sales copy that you can easily tweak to immediately have a full-on funnel that will take your webinar conversions to the next level.


In addition, you’ll get a whole video training from Jason where he walks through the psychology behind a webinar funnel, from registration page to thank you page, to replay page and sales page.


Bonus #3:

Slide Envy


There are certain ways you should design your Keynote/Power Point presentations so that your webinars have the maximum psychological impact on your audience, creating the maximum revenue.


This step-by-step training will show you how to develop amazing looking slides that will convert like crazy. Includes: The Isolation Effect, the Major Point Slide Technique, the Circle Flow, Quote Styles, and a bunch of other effective slide design techniques that look great and more importantly boost sales!


Bonus #4:

Webinar Integrator


Don’t have an audience or product of your own? In this bonus, you can discover how to leverage someone else’s existing audience, products, or other assets . I will show you how to craft integration deals , give you an audience, and potentially make a lot of money.


This PDF will walk-through the seven steps of the process, including examples of real-life deals that I’ve done.


Bonus #5:

Consultant Webinar Model


During this training, I’ll break down multiple successful funnels on how to use webinars specifically for getting high ticket consulting clients.


This bonus is designed to show you exactly how to sell at least six figures (if not seven!) worth of consulting services.


Bonus #6:

Evergreen Webinars


During this training, you’ll learn about how to utilize evergreen webinars to maximize your time and resources.


It’s all about how to potentially reach even more people, and how to solve the problems that come with creating an evergreen webinar.