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Author: Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is called the “100 Million Dollar webinar man” for good reason: the webinars he has created, produced, and consulted on have broken the nine-figure mark in revenue.
Through his company, Rapid Crush, Inc., Jason has pioneered many of the best marketing practices you see used on the web today. As a client put it: “Jason makes millionaires.”

Copy Eclass 3.0

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Ever watch the “unboxing” videos on You Tube?

Some dude would s-l-o-w-l-y unbox the latest iPhone … teasing you with what you find inside when you buy the coveted gizmo.

I mean, this has got to be the stoopidest idea ever.

Or is it?

Look how many views these videos generate:  Bazzilions!

I make fun of them, but guess what?

When the time came to shop for a new smart-phone, you know what I did ?

I tell you exactly what I did … I went to You tube and ogled half a dozen on these ‘silly’ unboxing videos myself.

What’s worse…

To my utter shame

enjoyed watching them!

These ‘unboxing’ videos gave me an almost … voyeuristic satisfaction…  (Egads!)  Like owning the thing … without yet owning it.

And so the other day, as I was going through my notes from the latest version of Jason Fladlien’s copywriting course, it dawned on me:

I bet, a lot of folks are curious what’s really inside Copy eClass?

So why don’t I make my own ‘unboxing’ demonstration?

That’s cool, but Copy eClass is a Copywriting course and its value is in the information you receive — there’s nothing really to unbox.

So it’s pointless to make a YouTube video. Instead…

Since I am a student in the class (this is my second time taking it) … rather than me trying to sell you on the 17 reasons why you should invest in this course …

why don’t I explain in plain English…

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