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Author: J.D.Hamon


Spike 35 Traders Manual

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The Spike-35 Trader’s Manual Describes Rare method, originally sold by the author for $2,000.00 This comprehensive, automatic method showed profits of over $780,000! Still works today.


This is the safest yet most flexible trading system ever designed. It usually only keeps one in the market about four days per trade and may get you out the day after entry. It’s not a day trading plan, but could be used to day trade on five minute charts. The rules for using daily price data will work just as well on intraday data.

This does not try to pick tops or bottoms. It merely gets a slice out of the middle. Very sensitive entry-exit methods are used to get one out quick should the maret turn. Unlike most systems, money can be made on slow moving or choppy markets.

This helps, because markets that jump around a lot are the ones that are more apt to catch a trader off guard. This method does better if the market is swinging, but traders with very small accounts can trade the slower corn or hogs until they can build up their account.

This method is a combination of several old trading techniques that have been used for many years . Those of you who know market history will recognize the use of: 1) Dow Theory, 2) Weekly Rule, 3) Price Patterns, 4) Elliott’s work, and 5) Gann’s work.

To my knowledge they have never before been used in this fashion, however. It is a new and different approach but does use old techniques that have long been proven. These methods worked for years and years individually, and they should continue to work for a long time using my way of combining them.