Investopedia – Research and Trade Like The Pros

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Investopedia - Research and Trade Like The Pros

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Investopedia – Research and Trade Like The Pros

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Course DescriptionThis course is for: investors with at least one year of investing experienceResearch and Trade Like The Pros is loaded with high-powered analytical methods and research shortcuts. You’ll learn what institutional investors pay attention to, and how to reach conclusions quickly, like they do.

Avoid doing more research than you have to. We’ll teach you how to spend less time on research, and focus on exactly what you need to stay in front of the pack.

  • Apply a rigorous checklist approach to evaluate securities in any asset class
  • Discover the tools experienced money managers use to keep clients coming back
  • Explore securities in domestic and international markets, and currency and commodity markets
  • Analyze and interpret fundamental data, macro-economic data, and sentiment indicators
  • Have confidence in your research, and make smarter trades
  • Get over 5 hours of on demand video, exercises, and interactive content
  • Included with your course is 3 months of free access to the Lex van Dam Trading Club

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Course Curriculum


  • Goal Setting


  • Wrap-Up


  • Welcome
  • The Checklist
  • Checklist Demo
  • The Scorecard

Market Indicators

  • Market Indicators Checklist
  • Introduction
  • The Checklist Explanation
  • Introduction to Monthly Indicators
  • Markit/BME Germany Manufacturing PMI
  • Markit/ADACI Italy Manufacturing PMI SA
  • Monthly Indicators Scorecard
  • Overview and CRB Raw Industrials Index
  • Baltic Dry Index
  • Short-term Indicators Scorecard
  • Sentiment Indicators Overview
  • S&P COT Oscillator
  • Speculation Index
  • Sentiment Indicators Scorecard
  • Leading Indicators Overview
  • Semiconductor Index
  • S&P Financials
  • Leading Indicators Scorecard Review
  • Conclusion And Examples

Currency Analysis

  • US Dollar Checklist
  • Introduction to Currency Analysis
  • US Dollar Overview
  • Debt As % of GDP
  • Budget Balance
  • US Dollar: Country Analysis Scorecard
  • Economic Surprise
  • Real Interest Rate
  • Futures Positioning
  • Technical Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • British Pound: Country Analysis
  • Euro: Country Analysis Scorecard

Commodity Analysis

  • Crude Oil Checklist
  • Gold Checklist
  • Introduction to Commodity Analysis
  • Gold Overview
  • Liquidity
  • Real Interest Rates
  • ETF Flows
  • Futures Positioning
  • Options Positioning
  • Short Interest
  • Seasonality
  • Conclusion
  • Examples
  • Crude Oil Overview
  • Economic Activity
  • EIA Inventories
  • Productio Futures Positioning
  • US Dollar Conclusion
  • Examples

Equity Market

  • Equity Market Checklist
  • US Equities Introduction
  • US Equities Overview
  • Bond Yield Ratio
  • Economic Activity
  • Earnings Estimates
  • Valuation
  • Leading Indicators
  • Sentiment Indicators
  • Technical Analysis
  • Final Score
  • Example 1
  • Example 2

Company Analysis

  • Company Analysis Checklist
  • Introduction
  • The Five Factors
  • Stock Review
  • Management
  • Product
  • Financial Health
  • Valuation and Geoexposure
  • Final Score and Analysis
  • Non-Apple Example

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Checklist
  • Overview
  • Trade Diary
  • Stop Loss
  • Profit Targets
  • Position Sizing: Power of Compounding
  • Position Sizing: The Formula Approach
  • Adjust Positions
  • Stop Loss Examples: Volatility Based
  • Stop Loss Examples: Trailing Stop
  • Portfolio Risk
  • Conclusion
  • Stock Loss Examples: Price-Based
  • Stop Loss Examples: Indicator Based