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Infoproductlab - Making Sense of Price Action: Price Action Profits

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The training program Making Sense of Price Action: Price Action Profits by Info Product Lab teaches you the trading techniques that help increase winning rate.

What should you know about Price Action trading?

Price action is the plotted movement of the price of a securities over time. All technical analysis of a stock, commodity, or other asset chart is based on price activity. Many short-term traders make trading choices solely on the basis of price action and the patterns and trends drawn from it. Technical analysis is a subset of price action in that it uses historical data to make calculations that may subsequently be utilized to influence trading choices.

Price Action Trading
Price Action Trading

Price action is not often seen as a trading tool in the same way that an indicator is, but rather as the data source from which all other tools are constructed. Swing and trend traders, on the other hand, rely heavily on price movement, disregarding fundamental research in favor of concentrating only on support and resistance levels in order to forecast breakouts and consolidations. Even these traders must consider elements other than the present price, since the volume of trading and the time periods utilized to define levels all affect the chance that their interpretations are correct.

What does the course Making Sense of Price Action: Price Action Profits by Info Product Lab provide you?

  • Price Action Profits Introduction
  • Section 1: Trading Philosophy, Risk and Emotions
  • The Footprint of Smart Money
  • Section 2: Markets Are All About Liquidity
  • Smart Money Seeks Liquidity
  • Section 3: How To Think Like Smart Money
  • Smart Money Quadrants
  • Section 4: The Equilibrium Concept
  • Trade With The Smart Money
  • Section 5: Entering and Exiting Positions
  • Confirmation and Targets
  • Section 6: Refine Your Trading
  • Refine Your Trading With These Simple Concepts

Making Sense of Price Action: Price Action Profits free bonus content

  • Bitcoin Analysis by Scott
  • Link Analysis by Scott
  • MYM Long/Short Analysis by Dave
  • EUR/AUD Analysis by Scott
  • GBP/JPY Short Example by Scott
  • XRP Analysis by Scott
  • EUR/GBP Analysis by Scott
  • GBP/JPY – Analysis – EQ’s of EQ’s by Scott
  • EUR/CAD – Analysis – EQ’s of EQ’s Extended
  • EUR/AUD Bar replay exercise in TradingView by Scott
  • NZD/CAD – EQ’s Often Validate Breaks & Retests by Scott
  • A Simplified Daily Chart Approach by Scott

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Infoproductlab Making Sense Of Price Action: Price Action Profits
InfoProductLab – Making Sense Of Price Action: Price Action Profits

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