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The course Impulse Trading System of Base Camp Trading will teach you how to ride the market and overcome volatility to increase trading results and profits.

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Impulse Trading System of Base Camp Trading – A comprehensive course that gives you an edge in trading

When a significant price increase happens within the framework of an asset’s principal trend, this is referred to in technical trading jargon as an impulse wave pattern, a word that is commonly used when discussing Elliott Wave theory. Impulse waves are what cause uptrends and downtrends to occur. To profit on a directional trending move in an underlying stock that lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, an impulsive order must be placed.

The Impulse Trading Method, which utilizes short time frame charts, is an excellent intraday trading strategy that enables us to catch intraday trending swings lasting 20 to 40 minutes. This allows us to observe between two and four directional trades every day, depending on the market. Delta 50 at-the-money options are employed to provide the system with leverage and liquidity. Both bullish and negative movements use the same impulsive trading approach. The following are the subjects covered in the Impulse Trading System course offered by Base Camp Trading:

  • Introduction to Impulse Trading

  • The Impulse Charts
  • The Impulse Trade
  • The Impulse Trade : Entry
  • The Impulse Trade : Management
  • The Impulse Trade : Exit
  • The Intraday Impulse Plan
  • The Impulse Trade – Bearish Example


What you should know about your course leader Dave Aquino

Dave Aquino is a skilled trader with a varied set of abilities who has over two decades of real-world trading and portfolio management experience. He started his career at Merrill Lynch and then worked at Vanguard Asset Management, where he specialized in option income methods. He is now a member of the Vanguard Asset Management board of directors. Additionally, Dave Aquino graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree. Along with his role as a partner at Base Camp Trading, Dave Aquino is an expert in teaching people how to make money via option trading. David is also passionate in private equity and venture capital.


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In order to help people like you who are not expert Wall Street traders and don’t have millions of dollars to stake, Base Camp Trading was founded. Singles and doubles are favored over home runs if you’re a Base Camp Trading member. You’ll meet other traders who have learned this lesson the hard way, people who have lost a considerable amount of money trading but are now consistently making money from their trading decisions. Base Camp Trading is dedicated to providing traders with the greatest possible trading resources and education, and will not settle for anything less. Listening to and caring about their clients’ difficulties, demands, and wishes is the driving force behind each new product, software, or training. Base Camp Trading handles every challenge with a can-do attitude in order to achieve great things for our customers, despite the fact that everyone suffers and things do not always go as planned. Every day, every week, every month, every quarter, and every year, the goal is to help traders succeed.

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