Peter Bain – How To Trade The Forex Like A Pro In One Hour

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Author: Peter Bain

I read your book twice. I recommend it to anybody who wants to make money. You really know this thing. — Orlando Bustos, Sacramento, California – 2001
I will never trade again without first looking at your advice … made me want to buy your book again. — Jonathan Ong, Singapore – 2001
Really like the book. I thank God for people like you who are willing to try and help others. — Danna Chiasson, LA, California – 2001

How To Trade The Forex Like A Pro In One Hour

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About the Author

I do not have a background in the financial industry. My background is in computer analysis and programming. I started my career as a programmer and, over a 35-year period, progressed through the ranks to Director and V-P level for significant organizations. That all ended in 1996 when I shifted gears and entered the world of trading.

The attention to detail that came with being in the computer field has served me well in analyzing what is true in the markets. What my computer background has done is teach me to ask the right questions in order to achieve trading success. It has also taught me to exploit technology. Accurate charting is now readily available and has altered the course of our ability to interpret the rhythms of the markets.

After watching other people manage my money and not do particularly well, I thought, “Well, I might as well learn about that myself.” So, I went out and bought books and took courses. I spent 18 months in learning mode. And that was every spare moment, every day. Tom Peters would be proud of me.

I remember thinking, “Wow, this is expensive learning. It better be worth it.” I guess it was. I’ve written my own book on trading stocks and commodities, which you now have in your hands. There is something here for everybody – be you position trader or homo day tradius.

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