Hans Hannula – Basic of Market Astrophisics

$39.97 $997.00

Hans Hannula - Basic of Market Astrophisics

$39.97 $997.00

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Hans Hannula – Basic of Market Astrophisics

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Basics of Market AstroPhysics


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General Information TOP

Course/Seminar name: Basics of Market AstroPhysics

Cost (flat fee or per hour rate): $50.00

This course/seminar would be best suited for:

Beginners interested in trading

Novice traders

Professional traders

Course/Seminar taught via:

Television (videotapes)

Brief explanation of Course/Seminar

A VHS video. This is a classic. Explains the Solar energy system and how it functions to move markets. Includes discussion of chaotic nature of markets. 1hr 45min

Background Information TOP

Course/Seminar instructor(s): Dr. Hans Hannula, PhD, RSA, CTA

Brief explanation of instructor(s) experience:

Dr. Hannula holds a PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineering. He has developed a unique Market Chaos Theory. He is an active trader who puts his theories to the test of real time trading in stocks and commodities.

Time required to complete the course/seminar: 1-5 hours

Course/Seminar location(s) (if travel required):

Markets followed:




Is software required for the course/seminar? No

Is software supplied with the course/seminar? No

Resources provided:


Course/Seminar topics:

Fundamental analysis

Technical analysis

Futures and Options trading

Stock screening

Using charts and indicators

Day trading