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Author: Hamzei Analytics

Hamzei Analytics, the premier online trading community offering proprietary trading indicators for options, futures, and stocks, is proud to announce the second event in its series of Professional Options Trading Webinars, to be held Tuesday August 11, at 6 p.m., featuring one of the very best options traders in the business.

Trade Options Like a DPM

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The featured speaker, whom we affectionately call “The Admiral,” was a Designated Primary Market Maker (DPM) on the floor of the CBOE for five years.

As a floor trader in the ’80s and ’90s he did the opening options rotation for 5-25 stocks. The old-fashioned open outcry way—meaning he opened each option strike price for each of these stocks. Within the first 30 minutes of trading, both calls and puts. In addition, as a market maker he traded and kept the markets current. Trading a million shares of stocks and 50,000 options contracts was a normal day for him. In 27 years at CBOE, he has traded through the crash of ’87, the smaller crash of ’90 and the tech bubble in 2000. He has traded three-digit volatility and seen every possible market environment imaginable.

The forthcoming webinar will address “Verticals” and “Boxes,” and the strategies and nuances relative to each. Learn how to create and react to opportunities that complement the valuable information provided by Hamzei Analytics.

I consider The Admiral to be one of the best options traders on the planet. And I am proud to call him my mentor.  Fari Hamzei, founder of Hamzei Analytics, said. The opportunity to learn options trading strategies from a trader of this caliber. Who was also a DPM, should not be missed. If you are going to learn more about options trading, here is your chance to learn from the best.”

“The Internet has allowed for amazing opportunities of this caliber to be equally available for everyone around the world,” says Jeffrey Lin, co-founder of MarketHeist, LLC., the social media marketing partner for this Series.