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Over the last few years, hedge funds have become even more attractive to institutional and individual investors. Their performance in both bull and bear markets are second to none, and their risk/reward profiles make sense in today’s dynamic financial environment.Whether you’re working with hedge funds or thinking about investing in them, you must have a firm understanding of this unique investment vehicle in order to achieve maximum success.

In Hedge Funds, Editors Greg N. Gregoriou, Georges Hübner, Nicolas Papageorgiou, and Fabrice Rouah bring together over thirty of the top practitioners and academics in the hedge fund industry to provide you with the latest findings in this field.

Topics discussed include:

  • Integrating hedge funds into the traditional portfolio
  • Hedge fund allocation under higher moment and illiquidity
  • Applying securitization technology to hedge funds
  • Common factor strategies for hedge funds
  • Analysis of risk-adjusted performance of global assets
  • Fat tail risk in portfolios of hedge funds
  • Hedge funds and the stale pricing issue

Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, Hedge Funds can help you—whether you’re an institutional investor or high-net-worth individual—make the most of this flexible investment vehicle.

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