Goldenoptiontrading – Golden option trading

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Goldenoptiontrading - Golden option trading

$17.97 $100.00

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Goldenoptiontrading – Golden option trading

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Before receiving the services of goldenoptions and/or their trade signals, the client must acknowledge that

They understand the nature of the services offered by goldenoption as well as all the information given to them

1.1. The client acknowledges and accepts any and all risks associated with trading, be it with forex, margins or

Any other trades done on the market.

1.2. The client acknowledges and understand that past trades, profits and market performance done by goldenoption is in no way representative of any future success.

1.3. The client has the responsibility to take the information (trade signals) given by goldenoptions and

Make the appropriate analysis and actions based on that information.

1.4. The client must take responsibility for all trades in any fashion, from open to close and any costs related

To them. Goldenoption is not responsible for any trades done by clients receiving this service.

1.5. The client must take responsibility for all losses due to trading done while using the services offered by

Goldenoption. Goldenoption is not responsible for any loss in capital due to trading for any reason whatsoever.

1.6. The client acknowledges that due to technical limitations, the timing and price of trades can differ from what goldenoption might display.

1.8. The client acknowledges that there will be trades that they won’t be able to execute for any reason whatsoever, even if goldenoption has shown that they executed said trade.

1.9. The client takes full responsibility for any losses that are due to malfunctions related to software, hardware, connectivity issues or any other technology related reasons that can lead to delays or problems related to trades or trading. This includes any discrepancies related to delays.

2.1. The client acknowledges their responsibility to monitor any and all activity on their trading accounts. The client cannot put goldenoption at fault for any suspicious or abnormal activity in the client’s account while receiving goldenoption’s services.

2.2. Goldenoption’s services are received as is, without any warranty of liability or performance.

2.3. The client acknowledges that they cannot hold goldenoption responsible for any actions, or lack thereof, due to outside forces, natural or otherwise including, without limitation to , errors and delays that occur due to irregularities in the hardware or software

The client acknowledges that they cannot hold goldenoption responsible for any losses or discrepancies due to the client using outside information in their trading.

Goldenoption is not liable for delays or bugs in the functionality of the service or means of connection used by the client to work with the service, and also the means of connection between. Regardless of their reasons, existing agreements between the customer and the company shall remain in force, and in case of any disputes regarding the implementation under these terms.