George Bayer – Complete Course of Astrology

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Author: George Bayer

George Bayer was a four-time PGA Tour winner in the 1950s and 1960s, but he was much more famous for his drives than his all-around game: He is considered one of the longest — perhaps the longest — drivers in PGA Tour history. He also once scored 17 on a hole when he chipped the ball down the hole with a 7-iron.

Complete Course of Astrology

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George Bayer was a remarkable trader in how he opened his mind to the concept of financial astrology – such remarkable attention in documenting what was going on in the sky when a market was creating conditions for buying or selling. The idea of planet aspects and how they affect markets is not uncommon, but what Bayer reveals in his book, such as planet speed, particular conditions and many other unique considerations makes this a great read for opening your mind to the possibilities.

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Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published: 1937. 77p. NumerousDetailed Diagrams This course on the application of astrologicalprinciples to the Stock Market. Very rare! Contents: Erection Of A Chart;Placing Planets In A Chart; Calculation Of Mundane Chart; Radix MirroredChart; Mundane Mirrored Chart; Progressed Chart; Interpretation Of The 5-Fold Horoscope; Weighing The Aspects; Rectification Of A Chart WithUnknown Birthtime; Practical Application Of The Five-Fold Horoscope.

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