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Samir Tahir known as FxLifestyle went from selling candy to Multi Millionaire Forex trader from his parents basement. He came from poverty & grew up In a poor neighbourhood In London City UK. There weren’t many options for a young fifteen year old who constantly dreamed of a life where he could afford nice things and give something back to his parents. His teachers had basically lost hope for him as he was uninterested at school and would always daydream. He’d never been academic and a university education was definitely not on the cards.

One day after school he waiting realised he had no money for the bus so he decided to sell his last chocolate bar for double the money he paid for. A friend of his friends offered more money than the chocolate was worth so at that point he realised he could make additional money from selling chocolate

FXLifestyle Course

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Become A Pro Forex Trader, Learn All The Millionaire Forex Strategies & Learn How To Grow Your Money With The Forex Master FxLifeStyle CEO

Learn how to trade forex from me & all my millionaire forex strategies in my course! Become a professional forex trader!

In this course I will be covering:

What is forex?

The nature of forex

How to trade forex

How to apply technical analysis

Support and Resistance

How To Be A Successful Trader

How I Trade the market daily

My strategy trading the forex market

Money management and risk