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Discover the Futures Spread Trading Intro Course from The Trading Framework

A futures spread is a sort of technique that a trader might employ to make money by using derivatives on an underlying investment. The idea is to benefit from a price gap between two positions that changes. When a trader believes there is a chance of profiting from price volatility, they may opt for a futures spread on that asset. To profit from a price move, a futures spread entails placing two bets with separate expiration dates at the same time. Each side of the unit trade is termed a leg of the unit trade, which is exchanged concurrently.

This Futures Spread Trading Intro Course will be taught by Saul Knapp, who has 20 years of trading and risk management experience. It teaches how to use the NEW MarketDelta Desktop for Trading Spreads, which is based on the CQG Integrated Client System, and why it will be the dominant trading spreads platform in the future. 

In this Futures Spread Trading Intro Course from The Trading Framework, you’ll learn how to use the NEW MarketDelta Desktop for Trading Spreads and why it’ll be the platform of choice for trading spreads. The Futures Spread Trading Intro Course also covers the following topics:

  • Spreads are an example of how margin might be reduced. 
  • Learn how to become legged and execute strategy in MarketDelta Desktop. 
  • When it’s advisable to avoid spreading Spreads that tend to revert to their mean. 
  • Commodity spreads containing goods like chocolate, coffee, and energy are just a few examples. 
  • Market Profile versus. Spreads Bar Charts with Candlesticks 
  • Spreading futures costs money. 
  • For the calendar, there are rolls. 
  • Commodity Rolls are a special kind of roll that is used to symbolize a certain commodity. 
  • Two examples are where to stand in line and how to disseminate the message. 
  • Setups for DMA by FCMs vs. Retail Brokers (Direct Market Access).

Introduction to Saul Knapp: The presenter of Futures Spread Trading Intro Course

Saul Knapp presents a Futures Spread Trading Intro Course. He started working as a runner on the LIFFE exchange floor when he was 16 years old (in London). Later in his career, he worked with proprietary trading firms as a risk manager, where he was in charge of monitoring positions for up to 120 traders at any given time. Saul currently lives in Spain, where he runs a modest prop business. He has headed a number of trading desks and market-making groups in a range of asset classes, and he has a thorough understanding of the whole deal life cycle, from execution to settlement.

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Futures Spread Trading Intro Course

The Trading Framework was created by active futures and derivatives traders who specialize in teaching other traders how to day trade the futures markets using Market Profile, Auction Theory, and Advanced Order Flow Analysis tools. The Trading Framework also offers Peak Performance Coaching and Mentoring to help traders improve their profits and performance. You may start your journey by taking one of The Trading Framework’s free video training sessions, which will teach you auction market theory, market profile and volume profile analysis, as well as advanced execution and trade management abilities.

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